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Ethical, Accurate Data

We detect and quantify human emotion.

Other companies use tools such as surveys and social listening to determine what consumers do and why they believe they act the way they do. Veriphix measures the emotional triggers behind how consumers really feel, below the surface, and quantifies what their subconscious motivators are. 

Veriphix is the only SaaS product delivering and quantifying weekly changes in the way that consumers feel about brands, products and services, along with the why factors.

Veriphix provides brands with the subconscious motivation of consumers that brands can use to revolutionize the marketing process. 

With Veriphix, you will have access to emotional triggers, trends, and data snapshots within your target audience. Our sentiment analysis provides insights on how to motivate your target audience based upon what internally motivates them.

Why Choose Veriphix?

 We are faster.

We are more accurate.

We are more efficient.

And we are ethical.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, the U.S. Government, and more…

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