Veriphix + Consumer Science

Consultant, author, and motivational speaker Simon Sinek says in his TED Talk, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy what you believe.” Belief is one of the most powerful forces to affect human behavior, leading to everything from the attack on the US Capitol earlier this year, to the well-known and mind-bogglingly apparent impacts … Continue reading Veriphix + Consumer Science

Facial Recognition: Inconsistent and Superficial

New research proves that facial recognition cannot be trusted to accurately measure emotions. While there is an entire industry crafted around this pseudo-science, facial expressions have been found to be ‘almost always wrong.’ These expressions are heavily influenced by culture, background, and context, and no one-size fits all solution can be trusted to accurately analyze … Continue reading Facial Recognition: Inconsistent and Superficial

Why Surveys Are Outdated

Employee surveys have been used, nearly unchanged, for the past 100 years. This outdated tool does not measure how employees truly feel and the emotional triggers influencing their productivity and workplace involvement. These factors, which employers are trying to measure, cannot be measured by the classic employee survey currently in use. Employees will either ignore … Continue reading Why Surveys Are Outdated

New York City Panel Test

Our proprietary technology not only allows triggers to be extracted each week, but also allows us to segment down into sub-sets of the population that other technology can’t. In June 2020, Veriphix ran panels on white and African American New York City residents. These panels tested emotional triggers to determine which factors motivated each population … Continue reading New York City Panel Test

How Veriphix is Different

Other companies provide data on System 2 thinking: the choices that consumers are conscious of. Veriphix, however, delves into the drivers behind System 1 thinking: the subconscious. To actually move people’s thinking, you need to know their emotional triggers and what motivates change on a subconscious level. Until now, there has been no way to … Continue reading How Veriphix is Different

SOCINT Project

Veriphix has partnered with SOCINT to provide them with insights on active troll accounts linked to Russia’s Internet Research Agency. These accounts are generating political content, with specific focus on issues influencing the 2020 U.S. Election. The content on these increasingly active accounts includes Pro-Trump engagement, and postings on Kenosha, BLM, the RNC Convention, COVID … Continue reading SOCINT Project