Veriphix + Consumer Science

Consultant, author, and motivational speaker Simon Sinek says in his TED Talk, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy what you believe.”

Belief is one of the most powerful forces to affect human behavior, leading to everything from the attack on the US Capitol earlier this year, to the well-known and mind-bogglingly apparent impacts of the Placebo.

The questions that emerge then for leaders in business and government alike include:

  • Can belief be measured across demographics?
  • Can belief be measured across time?
  • Can belief be changed across population in ways that are systematic, predictable, and that make the world a better place?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding “Yes.” Join Veriphix co-founder John Fuisz and host John Ennis in the latest podcast episode of AIgora Cast as they discuss Veriphix’s patent-pending technology that measures consumer belief and has been used by companies such as Nike, Starcom, Edelman, and others.

AIgora Cast: Conversations with industry experts on how new technologies are transforming sensory and consumer science.

Their wide ranging discussion covers everything from how John’s background in Physics and as an IP litigator informed his development of the Veriphix product to the unexpected parallels between information theory, cell phone reception, tax day in the U.S., and evaluating advertisement effectiveness.

We hope you enjoy!

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