Why Surveys Are Outdated

Employee surveys have been used, nearly unchanged, for the past 100 years. This outdated tool does not measure how employees truly feel and the emotional triggers influencing their productivity and workplace involvement. These factors, which employers are trying to measure, cannot be measured by the classic employee survey currently in use. Employees will either ignore the survey or respond with surface level answers that cannot be used to shed light upon the underlying factors influencing the workforce.

Other options, such as monitoring employee communication or internet usage, require invasions of privacy and can result in distrust between employees and employers. Employees also know that survey responses are not always anonymous, and therefore may not give candid responses. Estimates find that surveys and polls are accurate no more than 79% of the time. Veriphix, on the other hand, has 99% accuracy on our week-to-week scoring. In terms of panel-to-panel scoring, our accuracy is 95%+ for group sizes of over 30. And we can reach this level with accuracy with far smaller panel sizes than survey companies.

The time of surveys is finished, and Veriphix provides a solution: with higher accuracy and deeper insights than employee surveys, and without invasions of privacy. Our ethical data and forecasting system will expose the real emotional triggers motivating your workforce, allowing us to advise you on what steps you should take to accomplish your goals, whether it is to increase productivity, foster a strong community, prevent high rates of turnover, or something else entirely.

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