New York City Panel Test

Our proprietary technology not only allows triggers to be extracted each week, but also allows us to segment down into sub-sets of the population that other technology can’t.

In June 2020, Veriphix ran panels on white and African American New York City residents. These panels tested emotional triggers to determine which factors motivated each population based upon forecasts on the economy, unemployment, and community factors.

The white (W) and African American (AA) panels tracked very differently. Some of the key differences are summarized below.

Time Horizon: The white panel uses a long-term perspective on economic health, whereas the African American panel defines the economy by the near-term

Economy and Spending: The W panel was more optimistic on the economy and consumer spending, but both groups trended upward on consumer willingness to abandon old brands in favor of new brands

COVID19 Impact on Community: The W panel believed COVID19 would increase a sense of community, whereas the AA panel saw it as a negative driving people apart

In terms of similarities, both panels were not pro-Biden so much as anti-Trump. We delve into the ‘why’ behind this perspective for each population subset in our report, as well as what we can expect to be the key drivers in this election cycle. We also saw the influence that pivotal events in mid-June had upon the divergence in responses and underlying emotional motivators. For example, our white panel redefined community as family.

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